Ink Trendz® Sublimation Two 11oz. Coffee Mug Press. IT-210 Mug Press Machine AC 110V/60HZ US

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  • Ink Trendz® Sublimation Two 11oz. Coffee Mug Press. IT-210
  • MODEL: IT-210
  • POWER: 110V/60HZ 
  • 11 oz. Mug Capacity. (15 oz. Mugs will not fit)
  • Dual Mug Press that allows you to sublimate 2 mugs at once.  The controls are independent allowing you to use one side at a time.
  • LCD Controller
  • Lightweight yet durable design.
  • LIFE:  1000+ Mugs 


  1. When starting the mug press be sure that all connections are tight.
  2. Every time you heat up your mug place an undecorated mug we will call this the  Heat/up Heat/down mug in the press and allow the mug press to heat-up. Once it reaches temperature it will beep.  
  3. At this point add your mug with transfer to the press.  and press the timer button, you will see a little clock show up, at which point the press will heat up and begin countdown.
  4. Remove mug and immediately replace with another design prepared mug or your Heat/up Heat/down mug.  
  5. When powering down you mug press put your   Heat/up Heat/down mug.  
  6. By following these steps your heat element will last much longer!